Rab Neutrino 200 sleeping bag

I have received this sleeping bag in the post today. I pretty much got an amazing deal. This bag retails for about £200, I got it for £130 through a friend of a friend who works in the industry. I’m extremely grateful for ‘the link’.

I currently own a Rab Genesis 2, which I’m more than happy with, but its too heavy, big & perhaps a little to warm for the time of year i’ll be using it. I’m told, the Rab Neutrino 200 bag is the bollox. This bright orange bag isn’t subtle to say the least, but its bloody comfortable say’s Merlin. If it’s good enough for the wizard its good enough for me. I will be testing it as with all my other kit next week. It is the first down sleeping bag I have owned. Down is re nound for being super comfy but at the same time absolutely useless if it gets wet. The beauty of this bag for me is that it weights 610 grams. So, ultra lightweight.

All in all, I’m very happy that the financial damage so far is only £432.67 on kit. And the only other major item I really need to get is a decent backpack.


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